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Shunyata Yoga offers hot yoga in an inviting space for beginner and experienced yogis alike to develop and expand their yoga practice to their fullest potential.

With two beautiful studios located in Milton and Burlington, we offer a variety of styles of hot yoga classes. Our classes are designed for people from all walks of life, of all body types, and of all levels of fitness.



Yoga at Shunyata

We encourage your yoga experience at Shunyata Yoga to be about more than simply stretching and meditation.

Making yoga accessible for all

Everyone comes to their mat for a different reason. Whether you are just starting out, overcoming an injury, or looking to advance your practice, our instructors ensure safe alignment. We offer modifications and support your individual level of practice.

Individualized Attention

Other than our 6 am classes where students are invited to practice with our studio owner, our teachers do not practice during classes. While they may demonstrate specific poses, during classes our teachers walk the room, offering modifications and providing detailed cuing and instruction.

Creating a Community

Coming together with like-minded people to share the experience of a yoga practice can be very powerful. The energy created and shared in the studio extends beyond your practice. We have a highly loyal and engaged community that supports each other and the studio in all that we do.

Classes Offered

With daytime, evening and weekend classes available, we offer a variety of hot yoga class styles to suit all levels.

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“I had been too “busy” to exercise for the last ten years!!! I decided to give hot yoga a try just to see what all the fuss was about. I’m now as addicted to hot yoga as I am to hockey – both are full-body-thrilling and promote a strong and healthy attitude. I feel the best and youngest I have ever felt in my whole life. See you on the ice or in the heat!”

- Astrid Brummer, Milton

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