6am Yoga!

Looking to create a new healthy habit but can’t find the time? Too tired/busy in the evening to go back out to catch a class? Desperately need a stretch or a flow but you haven’t been able to make it to a weekday or weekend class? Seeking more energy and vitality throughout the day?

6am yoga is the answer!!

Starting your day with a beautiful stretch in the hot room, or with flowing sun salutations as the sun rises will most certainly set you on the right path for a more calm, focused and productive day. Arriving at work or back at home first thing in the morning knowing that you’ve already taken some time for yourself, for your health, feels really good! Breathing deeply and waking your body up with some stretching and flowing leaves you feeling more energetic and ready to tackle your busy day. You’re not alone! There will be other early risers to support and motivate you. Class is only 45 minutes – from 6-6:45am, allowing you to get back to reality as early as 7am!

How to get started: Plan ahead – pick a class and sign up online. Set out your yoga gear before heading to bed (clothes, mat, towel & water bottle). Get to bed on time or early. Set your alarm but place it away from your bed so by the time you turn it off – you’re already up! Then just head to the studio and we’ll take it from there! You’ll be glad you did!