What is Shunyata?

From the spiritual teachings of Buddha we learn that becoming empty, or achieving “Shunyata” allows us to reach a state of openness from which we can then fully receive all that the universe has to offer.

The physical and meditative practice of yoga not only strengthens and cleanses our body, but it also provides openness for our mind to become free as well. Through our breath we exhale or release whatever no longer serves us, and then we are able to inhale and receive all that does.

The physical, mental and spiritual benefits of yoga are boundless. We are happy to provide the space for you to freely explore and experience them all.

Come share your practice with us!


At Shunyata Yoga

We have a very strong community of diverse, intelligent and compassionately committed students. It is our goal to create a peaceful and inviting space for beginner and advanced yogis alike, to develop and expand their yoga practice to it’s fullest potential.

We encourage your yoga experience at Shunyata Yoga to be more than simply stretching and meditation. We want you to enjoy a sense of balance and personal freedom that inspires you to understand and achieve your life goals.

We strive to provide this opportunity in a healthy, community based environment. Here at Shunyata Yoga you will be surrounded by like minded people with similar objectives on their own path or journey of enlightenment. Our classes are intended to reach out to people from all walks of life and life-styles, of all body types, shapes and sizes, and of all levels of strength and flexibility.