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Power Flow


A class intended for all advanced practitioners looking to expand their knowledge, try advanced postures, and increase their strength, stamina and endurance in this challenging sequence.

Power Vinyassa Flow

A powerful practice, incorporating Hatha poses in a powerful flowing movement transitioning in and out of the postures as well as within the postures.



Yin Yang

A fusion of Yin and Yang postures to offer opposing movements that counter-balance one another. Yin refers to passive postures held for longer durations. While yin is practiced from a passive position using organic energy, the yang part of this practice uses muscular energy and engagement and often involves postures such as plank and downward dog, etc. This is a practice truly intended to teach the concept of letting go and releasing.

Yin Style Stretch

A sequence of stretches intended to reach areas of tightness generally associated with runners and athletes of all types. Also beneficial and recommended for anyone looking to increase flexibility, and joint mobility. This class is particularly good for back, shoulders, and knee issues. Yin yoga is generally practiced from a prone or supine position.


Hatha Flow

Hatha Fusion

A mixture of various Hatha postures and/or a fusion of Hatha yoga with flowing movement.

Organic Flow

A selection of Hatha postures sequenced to flow from one posture to the next in Shiva Rea Organic Style.


Back to Basics

A great class for those brand new to yoga, or more seasoned yogis looking to come back to basic alignment, pose breakdown and simple flows.

Remember – as with all classes, its up to the individual yogi to take ownership and responsibility for their own practice and make it as challenging as possible for themselves.


Sivananda Style

Sivananda Yoga is a classic, slow-paced, meditative style that encourages proper breathing, flexibility, strength, and vitality in the body while calming the mind.  Because yoga is a spiritual system with a physical component, this non-competitive approach helps the practitioner gain much more than just a healthy body.


Purna Inspired Practice

Purna Yoga is ideal for beginners.  A gentle practice, incorporating meditation techniques that can be incorporated into daily life, as well as an emphasis on safe alignment and the use of props to assist practitioners.


Intro to Ashtanga

Come and learn the sequences and series associated with this traditional challenging practice


FREE Meditation

Various types of meditation approaches are taught in this once monthly FREE guided meditation class.

Silent Candlelit Class

Conducted with minimal instruction. Students follow the teacher’s practice with the aid of a few verbal cues and announcement of postures only. Intensity level is high. Recommended for students who have had experience practicing at Shunyata Yoga. Offered once a month prior to FREE monthly meditation class

  • Arrive 10-15 minutes before class. New? Please complete a waiver by clicking here
  • Drink 1-2 bottles of water before a class and bring a water bottle to keep hydrated.
  • Mats and towels are available for rental.
  • We accept cash, Visa, Mastercard and Interac.
  • Passes are non-refundable and non-transferable.

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Please Note: We play music in the majority of our classes. Please bring your own water bottle. Mats and towels are available for rental for $2.00 each.