We offer an aspect of meditation in most of our classes, at the beginning and/or end of the physical practice, specifically in the Yin style classes.


FREE Monthly Meditation

Once a month – on a Sunday evening, we offer a FREE Guided Meditation Class.
During these sessions you will be taught, and practice, varying types of meditation approaches (guided visualization, Zen, loving kindness, Vapassna, Anapansati, ect).

Please arrive at least 5 minutes before class as doors close at 8:15 pm sharp, without exception. Class with last 45-60 minutes.
This class is offered FREE of charge and we request in exchange for the teachings, that you consider a cash donation or “Dana” ~ with ALL proceeds going to support various local charities. Dana is the Sanskrit term for giving – instead of paying a fee directly for the teaching, you are asked to open your heart, feel appreciation for the valuable teachings you’ve received and give generously from your heart.

Please bring a meditation cushion or bench (if you have neither, a regular cushion and / or yoga mat will do).