Our Manifesto


We are a socially and environmentally aware company that strives to embody our philosophy and actions, with recognition of our duties and intrinsic values to our clients, our staff, our community and our earth.

We serve our clients by offering facilitation and opportunity to experience physical conditioning and total wellness while cultivating personal growth, creativity and spirituality.

We serve our staff with encouragement for them to pursue any and all dreams that will provide them their own personal growth and well being.

We serve our earth with dedicated pursuit to be of impact in our existence that will only be of benefit and enhancement to the survival and betterment of our planet and all things on it.

We are committed to being green. We will recycle where possible, minimize use of plastics and other materials not natural and sustainable to this earth, be proactive in the fight against pollution, practice energy conservation and support the utilization of alternative energy, as well as other areas of emerging importance.

We are committed to fair trade and human rights throughout the world. We will continuously search for and participate in impactful opportunities for contribution to not-for-profit organizations. We strive to live an example of right conduct with strong and transparent values dedicated to a good harmonious existence.

Shunyata Yoga nurtures positive culture to the universe by developing a community for and of like minded people serving to enrich our own lives and the lives of others through connection to a greater consciousness.