I was skeptical for sure. Downright cynical. I’d never done any kind of yoga before. But eventually I gave into my girlfriend’s persistent prodding and went to a Hot Yoga class. I instantly became a believer! Brian was mindful of everyone in the class and whatever was going on for them; beginners, seasoned veterans, bad ankles, bum shoulders and all. His often innovative choices of music and wonderful positive energy make the experience fun and satisfying. What an amazing escape, a time just for “me”; leaving me not only gloriously hot and sweaty, but in a great head-space as well. Thank you for increased flexibility, strength, balance, and mental well-being!

Carole Cameron | Milton

I first came to a Hot Yoga Class with my daughters… because they made me!!! But for the first time in a long time, I felt like I was in a safe place. Life’s challenges then took a toll on me and I didn’t return for a long period of time. I struggled everyday. I was overcome with emotion, filled with sadness and tear filled eyes when I saw Brian again. But he just accepted me, didn’t judge me and he made me feel like it was okay… just to be. I came back to class and again I am in a safe place. Where I can heal, where I can open my mind and my heart not only to accept life, but to find my journey. With each class, I feel stronger in mind and body, stronger in heath and healing from within. With each class, I feel more like me. Thank you Brian.

Ingrid Binder | Milton

As a full time athlete, keeping my body ready for the next challenge is my job, and with Brian and Shunyata Hot Yoga Studio I have found the perfect balancing piece to my puzzle. His classes are the perfect mix of serenity and work, and I’ve found them to be rewarding in so many ways. I attend his classes every time I’m in town and would easily recommend them to both the advanced yoga student and beginners!

Carmelina Moscato | Member of the Canadian Women’s National Soccer Team

I am a middleaged woman… not your typical Yoga Girl. I have been attending Brians classes for over a year now & have benefited greatly. My motivation for joining was that my mother has osteo and bones break very easily (but she has always exercised and still stands quite straight 85!). I knew I needed to take up yoga to improve my sense of balance to help prevent falls. I have since read that the 2nd most common cause of death is falls! Wow! I am really glad that I started when I did rather than putting it off any longer! Thank you Brian for your teachings ; I recommend Brians classes to ALL my friends!

Dorrie | Milton

I had been too “busy” to exercise for the last ten years!!! I decided to give hot yoga a try just to see what all the fuss was about. I’m now as addicted to hot yoga as I am to hockey – both are full-body-thrilling and promote a strong and healthy attitude. I feel the best and youngest I have ever felt in my whole life. See you on the ice or in the heat!

Astrid Brummer | Milton

I’m a CrossFit Instructor at FirePowerTraining here in Milton and also run our nutrition program. I have been going to Shunyata Hot Yoga for a few months now and try to go four to five times a week. I have noticed great results and benefits from it. I’m a huge advocate on stretching and mobility so hot yoga really intrigued me. All of my training is based on high intensity and functional movements. Performance and recovery is very important, especially when training for competitions. My strength, recovery, flexibility, mobility, breathing, and focus (mental concentration) has all improved since starting at Shunyata Hot Yoga. The classes are always fun (especially when you get some reggae and rock playing as you’re doing your ‘Warrior Poses’) and always different. Every instructor has their own style and flow. I love it!

Daniel Sonsini | CrossFit Instructor, CrossFit Olympic Lifting Instructor, DNM, AKC, CPTN-CPT, Pilates Instructor (FirePowerTraining)

I have been doing hot yoga for approximately a year and have tried 2 other studios before finding Shunyata Yoga. I am hooked, I love it, the energy is amazing, and the instructors are incredible, friendly, kind, and helpful.  I have learned more in 2 months than I have in a year from other studios, having the instructors walk around through the class, providing adjustments as necessary makes a huge difference in your practice.

Linzi Edwards | CrossFit Instructor, CrossFit Olympic Lifting Instructor, DNM, AKC, CPTN-CPT, Pilates Instructor (FirePowerTraining)

Going from a highly competitive athlete to being a recreational one, I figured gyms and other sports were how to stay in shape. Feeling deterioration and soreness in my body even for simple things like walking up stairs, I knew I had to make changes. I never considered Yoga, thinking it just wasn’t natural for men, but after a few weeks with the incredible staff at Shunyata Yoga, I am experiencing less pain, recover faster from other activities and have lost weight. With so many classes available, they easily fit into any schedule and offer a great escape from life for an hour. If you think you’re in shape or too far gone to get in shape, try it for a month. You’ll notice big changes and keep going back for more.

Richard McFeeters | CrossFit Instructor, CrossFit Olympic Lifting Instructor, DNM, AKC, CPTN-CPT, Pilates Instructor (FirePowerTraining)

I can’t say enough good things about hot yoga, Shunyata Yoga Studio, and Brian. As an active woman, I can attest that hot yoga is an amazing form of exercise which constantly challenges me and has improved every inch of my body.  But that’s not all, practicing yoga, as corny as it sounds, truly gives me an opportunity to reflect on my thoughts and to give thanks to my body.  Brian cares about every single person who walks into the studio. His instructions are very clear and his flow seamless.  A simple touch on the back, leg, or arm will remind you to correct your posture or, if desired, he will help twist / bend you to find your new limits.

Anna Wilson | CrossFit Instructor, CrossFit Olympic Lifting Instructor, DNM, AKC, CPTN-CPT, Pilates Instructor (FirePowerTraining)

When I began my practice with Shunyata I was excited by the unique aspects of the studio, like the format of the classes and style of instruction. My favourite – the music and readings that Brian incorporates into his lessons. I am not sure how you decide what passage you will read at class Brian but, I have to tell you, that many times I have felt that the message was read just for me. The most impressionable passage to date spoke of letting go of damaging and untruthful things that people have said to me. This has been a struggle for me. I began practicing yoga to ‘get in shape’ but my journey has been a journey of healing and letting go of the things that I have been holding onto. The night that you read those words, trust yourself…trust what is in your heart…. I began a new stage of the healing process. Thank you for sharing and thank you for guiding me through my practice. I very much enjoy participating at Shunyata. My practice truly has touched my mind, body and spirit. Namaste.

Erin Caldwell | CrossFit Instructor, CrossFit Olympic Lifting Instructor, DNM, AKC, CPTN-CPT, Pilates Instructor (FirePowerTraining)