So happy that Shunyata opened this great new location in Burlington! Beautiful space and atmosphere to practice in! I love the cork floor and the transition hallway as well as the beautiful lounge area out in the lobby. Instructors are fabulous and always provide lots of encouragement and alternative poses for new students. I love practicing at Shunyata and this new location is a great asset to the Burlington community!

Kim Ramsahoye | Burlington

This studio is a hidden gem. Brian has outdone himself in creating a warm and inviting space to practice. With the same great teachers from Shunyata Milton, I’m excited that Shunyata has expanded into Burlington. I highly recommend coming to check it out!

Laura Valvasori | Milton

This is what yoga is all about. Getting into postures properly, breathing, controlling the mind and moving forward mentally and physically. Great space, great instructors and great vibe.

Brad Adams | Milton

I knew I had to make some changes to my lifestyle after a motor vehicle accident in 2013 to restore my physical, emotional, and mental health. I purchased a community membership after I tried a 15 day free trial because I thought it was the best value for money. I have no regrets.
Brian Lang and the other instructors are caring and eager to help ensure that you are learning the postures in order to maximize the health benefits. They impressively guide you through the practices with detailed instructions of the postures while giving you keen encouragement to find your edge and then hold on for at least one more breath. The different style of yoga classes offered are great. Whether you are new or experienced, the classes really fit all and feel personalized. The studio is super clean, organized and private. The hot room yoga surprisingly feels like a warm, comfortable blanket. My monthly community membership makes it easy and encouraging to take as many classes as I can fit into my week.
I am amazed with my improved flexibility, muscle and strength development thus far. My joint pain feels better managed. I literally feel stress and anxiety melt away and have wonderful nightly rests. Shunyata Yoga is a wonderful boutique studio that is not overwhelming or intimidating. The atmosphere is friendly, respectful and the people all share common goals.

Enza Buffa | Milton

Absolutely love this studio! I’ve been practicing yoga here since March 2014 and I am obsessed. I love taking classes here especially Brians classes, he is always challenging me further, even when I don’t think I can! All the instructors are awesome and very friendly! I wouldn’t practice yoga anywhere else!

Stephanie Araujo | Milton

I love this studio! I have been to others, but this one is just better.
First, it smells awesome before you even enter! Then you’re greeted by either Brian or another teacher.. You feel welcome right away… I highly recommend Shunyata…
Btw, the teachers ROCK!!
All amazing!!

Jowee Gaskin | Milton

Shunyata is a very welcoming environment. Today was my first class here, Alison was helpful, kind and her class was amazing! I have kept the class intention, mindful all day. Im excited to return for my next class! Thank you for Making me feel welcome and comfortable!

Ashley Hogarth | Milton

When I began my practice with Shunyata I was excited by the unique aspects of the studio, like the format of the classes and style of instruction. My favourite – the music and readings that Brian incorporates into his lessons. I am not sure how you decide what passage you will read at class Brian but, I have to tell you, that many times I have felt that the message was read just for me. The most impressionable passage to date spoke of letting go of damaging and untruthful things that people have said to me. This has been a struggle for me. I began practicing yoga to ‘get in shape’ but my journey has been a journey of healing and letting go of the things that I have been holding onto. The night that you read those words, trust yourself…trust what is in your heart…. I began a new stage of the healing process. Thank you for sharing and thank you for guiding me through my practice. I very much enjoy participating at Shunyata. My practice truly has touched my mind, body and spirit. Namaste.

Erin Caldwell | Milton

I can’t say enough good things about hot yoga, Shunyata Yoga Studio, and Brian. As an active woman, I can attest that hot yoga is an amazing form of exercise which constantly challenges me and has improved every inch of my body.  But that’s not all, practicing yoga, as corny as it sounds, truly gives me an opportunity to reflect on my thoughts and to give thanks to my body.  Brian cares about every single person who walks into the studio. His instructions are very clear and his flow seamless.  A simple touch on the back, leg, or arm will remind you to correct your posture or, if desired, he will help twist / bend you to find your new limits.

Anna Wilson | Milton

Going from a highly competitive athlete to being a recreational one, I figured gyms and other sports were how to stay in shape. Feeling deterioration and soreness in my body even for simple things like walking up stairs, I knew I had to make changes. I never considered Yoga, thinking it just wasn’t natural for men, but after a few weeks with the incredible staff at Shunyata Yoga, I am experiencing less pain, recover faster from other activities and have lost weight. With so many classes available, they easily fit into any schedule and offer a great escape from life for an hour. If you think you’re in shape or too far gone to get in shape, try it for a month. You’ll notice big changes and keep going back for more.

Richard McFeeters | Milton