Shunyata is a very welcoming environment. Today was my first class here, Alison was helpful, kind and her class was amazing! I have kept the class intention, mindful all day. Im excited to return for my next class! Thank you for Making me feel welcome and comfortable!

Ashley Hogarth

I love this studio! I have been to others, but this one is just better.
First, it smells awesome before you even enter! Then you’re greeted by either Brian or another teacher.. You feel welcome right away… I highly recommend Shunyata…
Btw, the teachers ROCK!!
All amazing!!

Jowee Gaskin

Absolutely love this studio! I’ve been practicing yoga here since March 2014 and I am obsessed. I love taking classes here especially Brians classes, he is always challenging me further, even when I don’t think I can! All the instructors are awesome and very friendly! I wouldn’t practice yoga anywhere else!

Stephanie Araujo

I knew I had to make some changes to my lifestyle after a motor vehicle accident in 2013 to restore my physical, emotional, and mental health. I purchased a community membership after I tried a 15 day free trial because I thought it was the best value for money. I have no regrets.
Brian Lang and the other instructors are caring and eager to help ensure that you are learning the postures in order to maximize the health benefits. They impressively guide you through the practices with detailed instructions of the postures while giving you keen encouragement to find your edge and then hold on for at least one more breath. The different style of yoga classes offered are great. Whether you are new or experienced, the classes really fit all and feel personalized. The studio is super clean, organized and private. The hot room yoga surprisingly feels like a warm, comfortable blanket. My monthly community membership makes it easy and encouraging to take as many classes as I can fit into my week.
I am amazed with my improved flexibility, muscle and strength development thus far. My joint pain feels better managed. I literally feel stress and anxiety melt away and have wonderful nightly rests. Shunyata Yoga is a wonderful boutique studio that is not overwhelming or intimidating. The atmosphere is friendly, respectful and the people all share common goals.

Enza Buffa

I’ve been going to Shunyata for a year and love it! They have a variety of classes in a bright calming space. Everyone is friendly and encouraging – it’s not just a studio but a community and a family. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a yoga studio and a community to help support you.

Ivonne Karamoy Nardi

This is what yoga is all about. Getting into postures properly, breathing, controlling the mind and moving forward mentally and physically. Great space, great instructors and great vibe.

Ivonne Karamoy Nardi